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Friends of North Saanich Parks 

Invasive Plant Removal Events 

Friends of North Saanich Parks is a group dedicated to sustaining the ecosystems in North Saanich Parks.


What are we talking about?

Invasive plant species are taking over our natural ecosystems and limiting biodiversity in North Saanich. We are removing invasive plants to give native plants space to thrive and repair the ecosystems in North Saanich parks.

Invasive plant species are non-native species that quickly and aggressively take over native species and their natural ecosystems. They can cause harm to humans and animals.

Native species are natural occurring plant species to an area, that have evolved there or arrived through natural processes. They become established without human assistance. They play an important role in the biodiversity in the forests.

Our mission is to create stewardships for each park in North Saanich. There are 24 parks in North Saanich in need of restoring. We are removing invasive plant species out of these parks while building relationships with the community.

We hope to remove all the invasive plant species out of a series of parks per year as well as support the development of stewardships for these parks.

R.O. Bull Park: Since Feb 24th, 2017 we have successfully removed 99% of all the invasive plant species from R.O. Bull Park and have a group of dedicated volunteers willing to become stewardships of this park.
Denham Till Park and Lillian Hoffar Park: We have a growing school program involving kids from Elementary to High school in these parks. Classes are coming on a regular basis for an hour or so, rain or shine. Everyone has a great time, we are lucky to have their help!
Quarry Park: We have made great progress in this park thanks to the community volunteers and the 10th Tsartlip Scouts group!

The invasive plant species in North Saanich Parks are decreasing biodiversity, suffocating native species and negatively impacting the ecosystem and it's soils. Let's work together to remove invasive plants out of our North Saanich parks and help the forests return to their natural state.

Sharon and Ashlee have decided to take action on the invasive plants that are taking over the natural areas in North Saanich. 


Let‘s help restore the ecosystem and protect the animals and  native plants .

Welcome to our Team!

Cathy Paul as our treasurer
Marjorie Garside as our Member at Large 


Thank you so much for your interest!!!

Thank you for your Support !

Alexander's Coffee (in Sidney)
Clyde Snobelen Landscaping Ltd
Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club
Staples (on Blanchard St.)
Monk Office (in Sidney)

We appreciate all your donations, efforts and support!


Ashlee Scanlon
Email: ashleeanna4180@gmail.com 
Phone: 250 588 2034