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News and Events

Friends of North Saanich Parks plan events to remove invasive plants out of the parks in North Saanich. We are happy to organize an event if you have a group that you would like to work with. 
Everyone is welcome!!! The more the merrier!!!

We are looking event coordinators for the Friends of North Saanich Parks. We are also looking for a school program coordinator. Please contact Sharon Hope for further information.

COVID-19 Protocols

1) Hand sanitizer and hand wipes will be available.
2) Any of our tools used by the group members will be wiped down with sanitized wipes by the user before and after use. We are asking all persons to bring their own tools if at all possible.
3) Sign in will be done by one person for the members.
4) Social distancing (2m) will be adhered to during work and breaks.
5) Gloves brought from home will be worn by all and especially in handling the tarps and debris bags.
6) Bottled water and disposable juice boxes will be available but we encourage members to bring their own snacks for the time being. 

Upcoming Events

We will not be posting removal events for 2021 until the current Covid 19 regulations change to permit small gatherings outdoors. Anyone wishing to join The Friends of North Saanich Parks can contact the Executive Director, Sharon Hope at

We will explain what can be done under the present Covid 19 restrictions.



R.O. Bull Park

January 2018

R.O. Bull Park is on Wain Road in North Saanich. It contains one of the few stands of old growth Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar in North Saanich. This park was donated by Mrs. Ruth Bull in 1973 in honor of her husband,  Colonel Roland O. Bull.
In just 11 months, we held 14 work parties and have spent more than 278 hours removing invasive plants out of this park. On Jan 29, 2018 we completed removing all the invasive plants from R.O. Bull Park!!!
Due to the invasive plants ability for regrowth and seed dispersal, we can never be completely finished a park. We use the term "complete" to describe the first complete removal of invasive plants from the park. However, the battle is far from over. We are very fortunate to have found stewards for this park. They will continue removing any invasive plants that grow in the future. 


Lillian Hoffar Park

July 2019

Fourteen volunteers removed ivy with a break for lemonade and muffins. The weather was perfect for the event and there was a mountain of ivy removed!

Nymph Point

Nymph Point Park

July 2019

Neil West brought some plant jacks to try out on the mature Daphne and stayed for a while to help us out. Countless Daphne seedlings bit the dust that day in addition to the adult plants.


Quarry Park

August 2019

An excellent work party was held at Quarry Park. Ashlee Scanlon took her farewell of the group. We marked the occasion with a special luncheon.


Denham Till Park

October 2019

Once the weather cleared we had an enjoyable time removing ivy and Himalayan blackberry. We created two respectable piles!


School Programs

In 2018-2019 we had Deep Cove students working in Denham Till Park and the Tatlow-Clayton Road trail respectively. We also had Parkland School and North Saanich Middle School students removing ivy in Lillian Hoffar Park. These programs will continue in both parks during 2020.