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News and Events

Friends of North Saanich Parks plan events to remove invasive plants out of the parks in North Saanich. We are happy to organize an event if you have a group that you would like to work with. 
Everyone is welcome!!! The more the merrier!!!

We are looking event coordinators for the Friends of North Saanich Parks. We are also looking for a school program coordinator. Please contact Sharon Hope for further information.

Upcoming Events

Invasive Plant Removal Work Parties

Saturday July 27th 10:00am - 2:00pm Nymph Point Park

Saturday August 10 from 10:00am - 2:00pm Quarry Park

Saturday August 24th 10:00am - 2:00pm Denham Till Park

Saturday Sept 7th 9:45am – 1:00pm Lillian Hoffar Park
 (with the Victoria Green Team)

Everyone is Welcome!
Training is provided

More Events to come!

Nymph Point Park

Saturday, July 27 from 10-2

Nymph Point Park is located off Marina Way. Parking is available on Marina Way or in the Yacht Club parking lot.

Please bring equipment, water and lunch for this event. Shovels would be appropriate if you have them. If you have no equipment, we have a limited supply. Wear stout shoes, gloves and long pants. Our events are rain or shine.

Quarry Park

Saturday, August 10 from 10-2

Quarry Park is on East Saanich Road.
Parking is limited at the front of the park, extra parking is on Leal Road which is the side street close to Quarry Park.

We ask everyone to bring gloves and clippers if you have them. We have extras if you don't have your own. We recommend wearing long sleeve shirts, long pants and good boots. Dress for the weather.

Refreshements and lunch from Alexander's Coffee!!

Bring all your friends!!! Everyone is welcome, training will be provided.
Rain or shine!
See you there!!! 

Denham Till Park

Saturday, August 24 from 10-2

The Park is situated off West Saanich Road, turn west on Clayton opposite Deep Cove school. Ample parking can be found on Clayton.

Please bring gloves, water and lunch if you wish, and equipment should you have any. We will have basic equipment available. Wear stout shoes, gloves and long pants. Our events are rain or shine.

Lillian Hoffar Park

Saturday, September 7 from 9:45–1:00
 (with the Victoria Green Team)

The Park is on MacDonald Drive north of Resthaven Drive. It has limited parking but further parking is available on White Birch Road.

Please bring gloves equipment, water and lunch for this event. If you have no equipment, we have a supply. Wear stout shoes and long pants. Our events are rain or shine.



Lillian Hoffar Park

July 2019

Fourteen volunteers removed ivy with a break for lemonade and muffins. The weather was perfect for the event and there was a mountain of ivy removed!


Quarry Park

This was a wonderful day with a great turnout of volunteers. We want to thank everyone for all their hard work. There was abundant English Ivy, Daphne and Laurel removed. 


R.O. Bull Park

R.O. Bull Park is on Wain Road in North Saanich. It contains one of the few stands of old growth Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar in North Saanich. This park was donated by Mrs. Ruth Bull in 1973 in honor of her husband,  Colonel Roland O. Bull.
In just 11 months, we held 14 work parties and have spent more than 278 hours removing invasive plants out of this park. On Jan 29, 2018 we completed removing all the invasive plants from R.O. Bull Park!!!
Due to the invasive plants ability for regrowth and seed dispersal, we can never be completely finished a park. We use the term "complete" to describe the first complete removal of invasive plants from the park. However, the battle is far from over. We are very fortunate to have found stewards for this park. They will continue removing any invasive plants that grow in the future. 


Quarry Park

We had the pleasure of working with the 10th Tsartlip Scouts group twice in Quarry Park. We had a great time and we removed a lot of English Ivy. The areas that have had the ivy removed are looking great!! Thank you to the 10th Tsartlip Scouts for all your hard work!!! 


Nymph Point Park

Thanks to the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, we tackled a huge portion of Nymph Point Park! We have taken out 3 dumptruck loads of daphne in just 2 work parties. We will continue our efforts until the park is back to its natural ecosystem. 


School Programs

In 2018-2019 we had Deep Cove students working in Denham Till Park and the Tatlow-Clayton Road trail respectively. We also had Parkland School and North Saanich Middle School students removing ivy in Lillian Hoffar Park. These programs will continue in both parks during 2020.